Shortwave Theatre Festival
Shortwave Theatre Festival
Garden of Edith

It’s a regular neighbourhood, with regular bungalows, a library, and a field– and maybe a little magic. While exploring one day, Edith finds several dozen gnomes living in a secret garden behind her late grandfather’s house. Meanwhile, Edith’s genderfluid Uncle Arnold has returned to the home to prepare it for sale. Together, Edith, Arnold, and the gnomes learn to see their home, their family, and their future in a whole new way. Garden of Edith is the second audio play written by Shannon Kingston and produced by First Ditch Collective. This play is recommended for ages 9 and up and is enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Rich sound brings the neighbourhood, inspired by growing up in Kingston, to life. With humour and depth, Garden of Edith explores intergenerational connection, community, and everyday magic.

Shortwave Theatre Festival is made possible through the generous support of the City of Kingston Arts Fund, the City of Kingston, the Dan School of Drama and Music and the Robert H. Black Fund through the Department of Film and Media.