Shortwave Theatre Festival
Shortwave Theatre Festival
Half Past Lunchtime

A feline flâneur wanders the sidewalks, gardens, and – to the chagrin of some – open windows of a downtown neighbourhood on a Sunday afternoon. Along the way, he meets a forager, a flirt, a fatigued full-time worker, a grossed-out gardener, a concussed daydreamer, a robin, a widow, and dozens of cucumber beetles. Will he make it home in time for dinner? Will the humans who cross his path make it through the day without losing their minds? This collection of scenes set around Friendship Park is illustrated with songs – some silly, some sombre – composed and sung by Haley Sarfeld. The human characters have been brought to life by the voices of Becky Bridger, Billie Kearns, Shannon Kingston, and Haley Sarfeld under the direction of Anthony Mann, with sound design by Chancelor Maracle. Half Past Lunchtime is dedicated to Cosmo, Leo, and Toasty. Special thanks to the many outdoor cats in the Inner Harbour.

Shortwave Theatre Festival is made possible in partnership with Cellar Door Project and the generous support of the City of Kingston Arts Fund, the City of Kingston, the Dan School of Drama and Music and the Robert H. Black Fund through the Department of Film and Media.