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Inquiry@Queens-Misinformation: Rogue Inquiries Part One
Launching Wednesday July 12th 2023 on CFRC 101.9 FM, we’re pleased to broadcast and podcast the first of three Inquiry@Queen’s episodes! In April 2023, CFRC’s Campus News Liaison Erika Singh sat with winning presenters at this annual undergraduate conference at @queensuniversity @queensulibrary in March, a conference with the theme “Misinformation: Rogue Inquiries”.

In this episode, Erika chats with the outstanding undergrad students who presented the following research projects:

  • “Remembering Forgotten Stories in the Archives: A Life in Papers-Allie Vibert Douglas, a project conducted by Rhianna Wood, Victor Drazilov and Emily Ritonja and supported by Ken Hernden of the Queen’s University Archives.
  • Pungavi Linghan’s paper “Analyzing the Cultural Shift in South India: The Legacy of the East India Company” undertaken with faculty support from Dr. Robert Hyland at Bader College.
  • “Addressing Financial Barriers to Higher Education” by Floor Nusselder, Adrianna Armstrong, Alyssa Giovannangeli, Yanzin Xu and Hannah Burrows who also discuss an innovative, equitable, and accessible module-based program that helps connect students with untapped surpluses of available scholarship money to fund their education.

Next week, we’ll have two more conversations with winning presenters!

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