Shortwave Theatre Festival
Shortwave Theatre Festival
Jabberwocky & The Listeners

Two cousins named Magellan and Gadget are trapped in the labyrinth-like Sound Castle where every sound made in the world above is stored in boxes below. They are looking for a way out and also hoping to find the unheard final words of Magellan’s sister. The story continues in two parts. First in “The Jabberwocky” Magellan and Gadget are alarmed to find that they are not quite alone in the dark, and in “The Listeners” they start to unravel more of the mystery of the Sound Castle and make a surprising connection with their audience outside.

Shortwave Theatre Festival is made possible through the generous support of the City of Kingston Arts Fund, the City of Kingston, the Dan School of Drama and Music and the Robert H. Black Fund through the Department of Film and Media.