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Magnetic Fields & Virtual Musical Theatre

In our first segment we chat with James Barron, PhD Candidates in Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy at Queen’s University.  He and his team recently discovered for the first time a magnetic field around Polaris, the star commonly known as the North Star.  Barron sheds light on what cepheid class stars and magnetic fields are, how the discovery was made, and the research questions the discovery has prompted.

In the next segment, we chat with Jessica Rosales and Lauren Fourney, who along with their peers Frank Yang and Emma Patterson, presented a paper at this year’s Inquiry@Queen’s conference in March titled “Music Theatre on Zoom: Significance in Integrating Virtual Performance in the Lives of Older Adults.”  We learn about their inspirations and collaborative research process to explore how participant-observer experiences can inform  practices as performing musicians, music educators, and researchers in virtual settings.