Airwave YGK Artists in Residence
Airwave YGK Artists in Residence
Matt Pridgyn-CFRC Airwave YGK Artist-in-Residence Talkback

Hello and welcome to another special broadcast of CFRC’s Airwave YGK Airwave YGK Artist talkbacks supported by the City of Kingston and Kingston Arts Council! IIn this episode, we’re chatting with local electronic artist Matt Pridgyn all about his booming career locally and beyond, his thoughts on the electronic music scene and the importance of collaboration, networking and partnerships and also some of the back stories behind the production of unreleased tracks Matt has worked on with a number of local artists that will hit spotify and soundcloud soon.   

Matt Pridgyn is a South African-born Canadian producer, songwriter, and DJ well known in Kingston for blending Electronic Dance Music with catchy pop-style songwriting, resulting in memorable dance tracks. He started learning the piano at a young age and has always had a lifelong connection to music. The pandemic prompted him to dive into music production, and he began releasing remixes on YouTube, gaining popularity with 100k views on his channel. His postsecondary education here at Queen’s University furthered his skills and introduced him to like-minded peers, sparking a passion for songwriting and live performances. Influenced by electronic artists like Axero and Kygo, Matt honed his production skills and drew inspiration from melody-focused artists like Avicil, Martin Garrix, and Kygo himself. He aspires to use his music production talents to create memorable songs, aiming to connect with a broad audience and make a meaningful impact in the music world.

Matt Pridgyn will also join us on April 17th as  CFRC Airwave YGK Artist in Residence where he’ll offer a specialized workshop covering basic DJ techniques including a production overview, and discussion of non technical DJ skills including song selection, crowd reading and troubleshooting on the fly while also discussing how songs are made, exported and played to crowds. Register for Mat’s April 17th workshop via!  Listeners who can’t make it to our studios can also enjoy a live set by Mat immediately after his workshop, which will also be podcasted as well on the Airwave YGK feed. Lot’s of exciting stuff in store on April 17th, but for now, please enjoy our conversation with this simply outstanding young artist making his mark in the electronic music scene locally and beyond!

PS…find Matt Pridgyn on all the socials @mattpridgyn to keep up with the latest news about his performances and new releases!

All music included in this episode is used with permission of the artist Matt Pridgeon aka Matt Pridgyn.