Blind Date with Knowledge
Blind Date with Knowledge
One Glass of Wine? You’ll Be Just Fine

Adrian Baranchuk

Professor, Department of Medicine

Synopsis: Dr. Adrian Baranchuk studies electrocardiography, sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease, and complex ablation. In this episode, Dr. Baranchuk discusses his motivation for entering the field of cardiology, including his intense curiosity to understand the mathematical modelling of cardiac arrhythmias. With the help of two students, Sohaib Hasseb and Bryce Alexander, he assembled an exciting study about the links between alcohol and cardiovascular health, which was recently published in the top journal Circulation. The eam looked at the different recommendations put forward by multiple countries to see if there was consensus on the subject. Dr. Baranchuk then discusses the recommendations for wine specifically, with the magic number being two standard drinks (150ml) per day for men, and one standard drink per day for women according to the American Heart Association.

Adrian and his students wrote about their wine study for The Conversation. Visit Adrian’s website for further information.