Poverty: February 9, 2019

Take good care of the poor boy! Sloan speaks the truth (as always) in this edition of WAFFLES!, where we play music both _about_ and _by_ the poor — from the destitute composer Debussy to the mad preaching captured in Front 242’s “Welcome to Paradise,” it’s a whirlwind tour of emptied pockets. The struggles of jazz artists in New York, the Irish diaspora, the little-known fact that musician Scott Walker ate his brother in the womb — it’s all here in this edition of WAFFLES!

Music, music, music:

WAFFLES theme :: Teen Titans

Clair de Lune :: Walter Giesking (Claude Debussy)

Poverty :: John Zorn

Woman of the Ghetto :: Marlena Shaw

No Depression in Heaven :: The Carter Family

Man of Constant Sorrow :: Roscoe Holcomb

Pay Dirt :: k.d. lang

Speech Impediment :: Linda Oh

Strange Fruit :: Billie Holiday

Cause Cheap is How I Feel :: Cowboy Junkies

Doledrum :: The La’s

Paralyzed :: Gang of Four

Broke :: Joel Plaskett

Thousands Are Sailing :: The Pogues

Goodbye Mrs Durkin :: The Irish Rovers

Rich World Poor World :: The Guess Who

My Ship is Coming In :: The Walker Brothers

Apocalypse Pop Song :: Memphis

Take Good Care of the Poor Boy :: Sloan

Poor Boy From Buffalo :: John Southworth

Never Poor :: Jim Guthrie

Failure :: Swans

Welcome to Paradise :: Front 242

Move to Japan :: The Band ::