The Fireplace Series
The Fireplace Series
Spaces and Places of Interdisciplinarity

Recorded: November 2 2018

Speakers: Barbara Crow (Professor, Department of Sociology and Dean of Arts and Science at Queen’s, scholar on Feminism, Aging, and Technology) and Dylan Robinson, (Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Arts, Indigenous Perspectives on Listening and Sensory Perception, Sound Studies)

A conversation between Barbara Crow and Dylan Robinson that centers on potential spaces for interdisciplinary thought and practice to emerge, both within and beyond Queen’s University. Sponsored by the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Queen’s University Library.

Barbara Crow and Dylan Robinson
Barbara Crow and Dylan Robinson

Series Credits

Series Coordinator: Dr. Laura Jean Cameron, Department of Geography and Planning
Assistant Coordinator:  Claudia Hirtenfelder, PhD candidate, Department of Geography and Planning
Podcast recording and editing: Dr. Matt Rogalsky, DAN School of Drama and Music

Thank you to the FAS and Queen’s Library for supporting the podcast series with special thanks to Barbara Crow, Martha Whitehead, Lindsey Fair, Jacquie Jameson, Heather McMullen, Jennifer Amos, Nancy Petri, Kate Clarke, and Jill Phillips
Photographs: Katherine Kopiak and Matt Rogalsky
Music: Marjan Mozetich
Podcast Assistance: Dinah Jansen, Matt Shepherd, Lyn Chen