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The Scoop!
The Freedom Convoy Stalemate

As of February 4th, 2022 with Freedom Convoy organizers vowing to stay in Ottawa, and more people scheduled to roll into town to join the demonstration, some leaders are calling for increased measures-including calling in the Canadian Armed Forces to protect the neighbourhoods and residents. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said using the military to clear the convoy is not in the cards.  Now into its eighth day in Ottawa, the RCMP will be deploying additional forces to assist Ottawa police with policing the demonstration.

Joining us in this segment to chat about policing efforts being deployed to help end the tricky stalemate between the federal government and members of the trucker protest is Andrew Graham from the Department of Policy Studies. He covers the current situation in Ottawa with the stalemate and policing, matters related to the Emergency Act and questions of CAF deployment, and possible resolutions for the situation.