Game Music 101
Game Music 101
The Human Side Of War

TFirst-person shooters often feature driving, pulsing music meant to propel the player onwards.  However, not all games evoking war follow this model!  In this podcast, the hosts will examine the music from games that evoke regret, grief, and sorrow in their attempt to create game worlds that more accurately depict the horrors of war and conflict.  The hosts will examine what musical elements, including harmony, key, and instrumentation, contribute to how we hear sadness in this music.

Music Tracks:

6:25 “These Cold Days” – This War of Mine

7:42 “Round Victory Theme” – Battlefield 1

10:07 “Main Theme” – Papers, Please

10:56 “Death Theme” – Papers, Please

11:55 “Victory Theme” – Papers, Please

13:11 “Death Theme” – Papers, Please

15:26 “When the Night Comes” – This War of Mine

16:34 “Some Place We Call Home” – This War of Mine

18:07 “Markus’ Main Theme” – Detroit:  Become Human

19:35 “Libera Me” – Battlefield 1

20:22 & 20:41 “Dawn of a New Time” – Battlefield 1

23:21 “Markus’ Main Theme” – Detroit:  Become Human

24:30 “Connor’s Main Theme” – Detroit:  Become Human

25:49 “Flight of the Pigeon” – Battlefield 1

27:39 “New World Symphony: Largo” – Antonin Dvorak

29:44 & 30:15 “Kara’s Main Theme” – Detroit:  Become Human

31:45 “We Keep Going” – This War of Mine