The Fireplace Series
The Fireplace Series
Time, Change, and University Life

20 November 2020

 As our relations to time shift in the coronavirus crisis, this Fireplace Series conversation aims to spark interdisciplinary thought about the temporality of university life and its relationship to what appears to be sudden change. Queen’s University’s Elizabeth Hanson (English, FAS) and Elspeth Murray (Smith School of Business) meet for an impromptu and stimulating conversation, seeking both common and uncommon ground. 

 Speaker Details:

Elizabeth Hanson – Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature, Queen’s University

Elizabeth Hanson is a Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Queen’s University. Elizabeth is interested in the English Renaissance Drama, humanism, and the political economy of the modern day university. She is the President of Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA). Find out more about Elizabeth’s work here. 

Elspeth Murray – Associate Dean, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University 

Elspeth Murray has served as the Associate Dean – MBA and Masters Programs since 2012, and has been a professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Smith School of Business since 1996. Her current research is focused on best practices in leading and managing change to create an analytics culture. Find out more about Elspeth’s work here. 


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  • Series Directors: Dr Laura Jean Cameron (Department of Geography and Planning) and Dr Allison Morehead (Art History and Art Conservation)
  • Assistant Coordinator:  Claudia Hirtenfelder (PhD candidate, Department of Geography and Planning)
  • Podcast recording and editing: Dr Matt Rogalsky (DAN School of Drama and Music)
  • Event Assistance: Thank you to the FAS and Queen’s Library for supporting the podcast series with special thanks to Barbara Crow, Sandra Morden, Michael Vandenburg, Jacquie Jameson, Nancy Petri, Vicky Arnold, Katie Vincent, and Donald Napier. Thank you also to Elizabeth Gibson and Constance Adamson for compiling the reading lists. 
  • Music: Marjan Mozetich
  • Photograph: Matt Rogalsky

Reading List: