Game Music 101
Game Music 101
Tropes and Topics

The first episode in our podcast series will present the four hosts – Stephanie Lind (project supervisor) and undergraduate research assistants Brooke, Andrew, and Kaitlin.  Stephanie will outline how video games, and more specifically their music, often reference stock concepts derived from TV, film, games, and other pop culture references – known as “tropes” in the online world and “topics” in the realm of Semiotics – in order to quickly communicate culture, gameworld, or common narrative conventions.  Each podcast host will describe one of their favourite musical tropes in video game, and how that trope makes a connection between game worlds and our previous cultural experiences.

Music Credits:

·       5:04-5:15 = Cyrus’s Theme – Octopath Traveler

·       5:28-5:42 and 12:59-13:28 = Primrose’s Theme – Octopath Traveler

·       7:57-8:09 = Age of Oppression – Skyrim Soundtrack

·       9:43-10:00 = Theme from Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack

·       10:42-10:53 = Reunion – Uncharted 2 Soundtrack

·       17:59-18:08 = Dragonborn – Skyrim Soundtrack

·       21:18-21:56 = Gwyn, Lord of Cinder – Dark Souls Soundtrack