The Responsible Use of AI Podcast
The Responsible Use of AI Podcast
Who is (Ac)counted for in AI?

In this episode, we interview Os Keyes and discuss AI systems and gender considerations in computer science all amid the age of AI.

Os is an PhD Candidate in the Department of Human-Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington. Os’s research focuses on understanding the role that technology plays in constructing the world, and how we might construct a better one. Os’s research spans the intersections of gender, disability, technology and power. Their current project explores the past, present and future of gender-affirming medicine and the politics of scientific efforts to demonstrate its effect on patients. Check out more of their work on their website,

Things mentioned in the episode:

Book recommendations by Os: Artificial Knowing by Alison Adams. 

Special Thanks to:

Dr. Catherine Stinson

Dr. Amber Simpson

This research was funded by the National Cancer Institute grant R01 CA233888 administrative supplement for advancing the ethical development of AI.