Game Music 101
Game Music 101
Women Behind the Sound

Women have been composing music for video games since their inception and yet their stories can often be forgotten amongst a male-dominated industry. Today’s episode looks to focus in on a selection of women who are behind the sound we hear in video games, both past and present. From Yoko Shimomura’s iconic Street Fighter II soundtrack to the sound design by up-and-comer Em Halberstadt for the award-winning Night In The Woods, the Game Music team is looking at some of their favourite women, their influences, and the versatility of their talents. The team also poses the question, “What sort of social conditioning have these composers and designers experienced as women and have we experienced as listeners?” 

Track TitleVideo GameComposer
Calling From Heaven(Stage 6)Castlevania: Bloodlines Michiru Yamane 
Foretellers CaseKingdom Hearts 3Yoko Shimomura
Victoria’s LabLittleBigPlanet 2 SoundtrackWinifred Phillips
PrayerCastlevania: Symphony of the Night OSTMichiru Yamane
Left Bank TwoLittleBigPlanet OSTWinifred Phillips
Deep DiveKingdom HeartsYoko Shimomura
The WildernessLittleBigPlanet SoundtrackWinifred Phillips
Liberation Main ThemeAssassin’s Creed 3: LiberationWinifred Phillips
Hikari (Instrumental)Kingdom HeartsYoko Shimomura
Ryu StageSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate SNESYoko Shimomura
Clear BreezeSkull GirlsMichiru Yamane
Pandora’s BoxGod of War SoundtrackWinifred Phillips
Pink ShoelacesLittleBigPlanet 3 SoundtrackWinifred Phillips 
Astral TrainNight in the WoodsAlec Holowka
Ryu vs. GuileStreet Fighter IIYoko Shimomura
In Just A Moment’s TimeSkullgirlsMichiru YamaneSinger: Geila Zilkha
Monk chants, 1 through 5HaloMichael Salvatori
The Wolven Storm (Priscilla’s Song)The Witcher 3: Wild HuntPercival (polish folk band)
Voyage of Promise (A Galleon Named Minerva)Bloodstained OSTMichiru Yamane