TIME to Talk - Science & Medicine
TIME to Talk - Science & Medicine
Women That Bleed
The TIME podcast is getting a bit of an update!  We would like to introduce: ‘TIME to Talk Science & Medicine’ with hosts Dr. Stephen Archer and Dr. Charlie Hindmarch. This new podcast is designed to highlight translational researchers at Queen’s University. Our goal is to focus on a translational researcher, to learn about where they’ve come from, what motivates them, what are their ‘dangerous ideas’ and how their research will change the world!

In our first podcast, get to know our guest Dr. Paula James, a Professor in the Department of Medicine, with cross-appointments to Pathology & Molecular Medicine and Pediatrics. She is also the Principal Investigator in the Clinical and Molecular Hemostasis Research Group at Queen’s University with an active basic and clinical research program investigating the genetic basis of inherited bleeding disorders as well as the quantitation of bleeding symptoms. Her groups research includes validating and publishing bleeding assessment tools (BATs), which have gained international recognition for optimizing a protocol for culturing ECFCs (Endothelial Colony Forming Cells) from patients with both inherited and acquired diseases. In 2015 she launched the Let’s Talk Period website and aligned social media accounts were launched to increase knowledge about abnormal bleeding.