Yesterdays: February 16, 2019

No fewer than 27 versions of the Beatles’ “Yesterday,” as Matt, without Marisa to act as the voice of reason on the show, goes a bit bonkers. From the Bach-infused classical of John Bayless to the aggressive Indian metal of Nicotine, to the stone cold Marvin Gaye classic, this is “Yesterday” as you’ve never heard it before… over two dozen times. Strap in!


WAFFLESTerday! :: Matt Shepherd

Yesterday :: Canadian Brass

Yesterday :: John Bayless

Yesterday :: Vince Guaraldi

Yesterday :: Oscar Peterson

Yesterday :: David “Fathead” Newman

Yesterday :: Christian Sands

Yesterday :: Pearl Sisters

Yesterday :: Hozan Yamamoto

Yesterday :: Electric Samurai (Tomita)

Yesterday :: Willie Nelson

Yesterday :: Ray Charles

Yesterday :: Chris Farlowe

El Ayer :: Los Dayson

El Ayer :: La Lupe

El Ayer :: Sandpipers

Yesterday :: Boyz II Men

Yesterday :: Walk Off The Earth

Yesterday :: Bugs Bunny & Friends

Rak Etmol :: Yafa Yarkoni & Arik Einstein

I Believe in Yesterday :: Tyrone Taylor

Yesterday :: Ras Attitude & the Oneness

Yesterday :: Didier Super et sa Discomobile

Yesterday :: Nicotine

Yesterday :: Phillippine Violators

Yesterday :: Marianne Faithfull

Yesterday :: Marvin Gaye

Je Croyais :: Ferdinand Robidoux

Taken by Surprise :: Kate Weekes

Careless Love :: Colin Linden

Centre of my Universe :: Murray Lightburn