The Canoe Chronicles: A Camp Outlook Podcast
The Canoe Chronicles: A Camp Outlook Podcast
3. Into the Wild Self: an Interview with Kevin Callan

Join hosts Anita and Shelby on the Canoe Chronicles as they delve into the transformative power of nature with wilderness expert Kevin Callan. From Kevin’s early days battling anxiety to becoming a renowned author and advocate, this episode explores how the wilderness became his refuge and source of healing.

Discover Kevin’s journey from live TV appearances to bestselling books, showcasing his transformation from a reserved child to a charismatic advocate for the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors. Dive into his insightful lecture on the deep connection between humanity and wilderness, emphasizing the healing nature of extended outdoor experiences.

Explore personal stories of resilience, including Kevin’s own challenges, and a heartwarming tale from his work with at-risk youth. Follow Kevin’s outdoor adventures on Instagram (@kchappycamper) and YouTube, and stay tuned for more Outlook Podcast episodes inspiring you to embrace the beauty of nature.

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