The Canoe Chronicles: A Camp Outlook Podcast
The Canoe Chronicles: A Camp Outlook Podcast
2. Nurturing Growth in the Backcountry: An Interview with Peyton Mooney

In this episode of The Canoe Chronicles, hosts Anita and Shelby sit down with Peyton Mooney, a former volunteer and summer director at Camp Outlook. Peyton shares his transformative journey from being a canoe trip leader in Algonquin Park to his current role at the Pine River Institute, a live-in treatment center and outdoor leadership experience for youth facing mental health and addiction challenges.

Peyton reflects on the valuable lessons learned during his time at Camp Outlook, emphasizing the importance of understanding others’ perspectives and the impact of building connections with the at-risk youth served by the program. Listeners gain insight into the tight-knit community fostered by Camp Outlook, where social connections extend beyond the summer months, creating lasting friendships and career opportunities in the outdoor industry.

Whether you’re considering volunteering with Camp Outlook or simply seeking inspiration from the world of wilderness exploration, this episode offers a glimpse into the life-changing experiences and meaningful connections forged in the great outdoors.

Tune in for an engaging conversation that highlights the power of outdoor adventures, personal growth, and the positive influence of programs like Camp Outlook. For information on Camp Outlook and how you can be part of the adventure, visit Happy paddling!