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AMS Elections-What Happens Now? In Conversation with Calder Bryson, AMS CEO

In this episode, we present an exclusive interview with Calder Bryson, Chief Electoral Officer for the Alma Mater Society undertaken on February 2nd 2024.  Bryson discusses electoral processes for the AMS Executive Team following the January 31st withdrawal of a team member from JNN, the potential impacts for student engagement with the voting process for the Rector positions and fee-seeking clubs on the referendum ballot, and the importance of slates and neutrality for the AMS in the election cycles.

As of 10 am on February 5th, the Queen’s Journal has posted story coverage about the recent Rector debate but has not yet posted information about the student clubs seeking fees at referendum beginning tomorrow, February 6th.  AMS student members seeking information about the student clubs seeking fees may visit our news page at to find this information and also listen to our exclusive interviews with student club representatives on CFRC’s Campus Beat podcast via Spotify and Apple music or on our podcast page.
All AMS members are reminded to check their emails for ballot and voting information and to cast their votes electronically on February 6th and 7th.  You can also learn more about AMS electoral processes by visiting
Want to ask questions to teams running in the All Candidates Debate at the February 13th AMS Assembly?  Submit your question to the AMS Elections Team below!
Who’s Running?
Rector Candidate: Leo Yang
Rector Candidate: Niki Boytchuk-Hale

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