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Campus Beat
AMS & SGPS Elections and Referenda Extended Coverage

In this extended episode of Campus Beat we feature interviews with community and student clubs seeking new fees or renewing existing ones during this year’s AMS and SGPS Elections and Referenda occuring February 6th and 7th.  Several clubs did not respond to our requests for interview.  The AMS Elections Team furnished us with available nomination package pitches which were read by CFRC team members in lieu of an interview.

At the 32 minute mark, listeners will also enjoy the SGPS All Candidates Debate which occurred virtually on January 31st 2024, content of which was furnished to us by the SGPS Elections Team.  Full video of proceedings is available on the SGPS website and their social media.

Then at the 96 minute mark, we are joined by Allison Mei of the Queen’s AMS No Vote 2024 campaign against Team JNN who we interviewed earlier this week and content from which was broadcasted on CFRC 101.9 FM on January 30th and podcasted here

Since the time of recording our interviews with the No Vote 2024 campaign and Team JNN, CFRC has learned that Nico Brasset of Team JNN has withdrawn from the AMS executive slate.  While we await word from the AMS elections team on next steps related to the executive election as there is now no qualified slate of candidates to run for executive office, we were able to catch up with Nico Brasset formerly of Team JNN for an exclusive interview responding to questions about the No Campaign and his withdrawal from the AMS executive slate.  Our discussion with Nico starts at the 100 minute mark.

Finally, at the 113 minute mark, we caught up with Queen’s Rector Candidates Leo Yang and Niki Boytchuk Hale who joined us to shed light on their leadership experience, their goals for office, and the importance of voting in AMS and SGPS Elections.

All students at Queen’s University are reminded to watch their emails (including their junk folders) for ballot information from their respective student governments so they may cast their votes.  More information about AMS and SGPS elections can be found at and