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CFRC Podcast Network
Education and Reconciliation: Past, Present, and Future of Decolonizing Educational Research in Canada

(Sponsored by the Faculty of Education)

This panel will explore the historical and ongoing relationship between education, settlers, and Indigenous peoples in Canada. By utilizing diverse methods from history, geography and health studies new insights and avenues will be explored within the context of reconciliation in the wake of the Truth and Reconciliation Reports (2015). Three researchers will demonstrate how the past, present, and future of Indigenous education has been shaped by colonialism and what we must focus on in order for reconciliation to occur. The research presented provides new methods, practices, and conclusions regarding Indigenous education in Canada based within a decolonizing framework. The panel also explores the role of teachers in creating how culturally competent knowledge about Indigenous peoples and topics among settlers, and whether or not teacher candidates have the training they need to do this effectively.

Moderator: Penny Zhang

  1. Indigenous content: Are graduating teachers willing/able to teach? (Kim Buitenhuis, Geography and Planning)
  2. Exploring the effects of Indigenous culturally-based Lacrosse programming in a school setting (Brittany McBeath, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies)

Beyond Binaries: Revisioning and Reframing the Historical Episodes of Indigenous Education in Ontario (Jackson Pind, Education)

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