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Campus Beat
Extended Episode: The New Black Studies Minor at Queen's and Atlantic Sea Bird Research Discoveries

Dr. Katherine McKittrick, Professor of Gender Studies and researcher in the areas of black studies, anti-colonial studies, cultural geographies and gender studies joins us for the first 45 minutes of this special extended edition of Campus Beat.  McKittrick chats with us about the new Black Studies program at Queen’s University scheduled to launch in Fall 2021, the motivations behind the program’s development, the ins and outs of creating a brand new minor, and the importance of interdisciplinarity in Black Studies.

After our conversation with Dr. McKittrick, our chat with Matthew Duda, PhD Candidate in the Department of Biology begins around the 45 minute mark.  Duda joins us to talk about his research team’s recent discovery that a storm petrel seabird colony in Atlantic Canada is now only 16% of its potential size, and that this small size is likely the result of nearby European settlement from over 200 years ago.  Join us and learn more about the discovery, the science behind it, and the implications for both research and conservation.