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Made in Canada CAR-T therapy: Reprogramming a patient’s cells to kill their cancer

Get to know Dr. Annette Hay.  Dr. Annette Hay is a Hematologist within the Department of Medicine, Queen’s University, cross-appointed to the Departments of Oncology and Pediatrics, and a Senior Investigator with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG). She became Chair of the Division of Hematology in January 2021. Commencing at the University of Dundee (Sept 1996 – June 2001, MB ChB received July 2001), Dr. Hay completed her medical and hematology training in Scotland.  In 2012 she undertook a 30-month Fellowship with the NCIC Clinical Trials Group (now CCTG), transitioning to a Senior Investigator role in 2014.  Dr. Hay’s clinical practice includes all areas of Hematology, with special interest in hematological malignancies. Clinics are held at the Cancer Center of Southeastern Ontario.  

Dr. Hay’s specific research interests, delivered through collaboration with national and international investigators, include: 

  • Clinical trial design, conduct and analysis: Completion of phase I, II and III trials for patients with lymphoma, leukemia, myeloma and myelodysplasia. 
  • Under-represented populations: Enhancing research opportunities and clinical trial uptake for the elderly, and adolescents and young adults with cancer. 
  • Economic analyses:  Determining the costs and benefits of healthcare interventions, aiding policy makers. 
  • Data linkage:  Piloting means to conduct clinical trials more efficiently, while maintaining patient safety and privacy, though linkage with existing data sources. 
  • Data sharing:  Creating the infrastructure for responsible data sharing in Canada to accelerate health care advances.