CFRC Podcast Network
CFRC Podcast Network
Research in the era of interdisciplinarity

(Sponsored by the SGS)

This panel will focus on the use of multiform methodologies within academic research. It will demonstrate how creative works may be recognized as theory, and that theory can and should be read as a creative undertaking. Crossing the boundaries of arts and science helps us develop richer understandings of the subjects at hand and push our conversations beyond their insular discursive realms. 

Moderator: Colette Steer

  1. Revisiting mosaic: Transformative articulations within an ethics-ography (Markus Harwood Jones, Gender Studies)
  2. A Genealogy of impacts – Art & Science collaborations through aesthetic transformations (Elvira Hufschmid, Cultural Studies)
  3. Interdisciplinary Solutions to Chemistry’s Accessibility Problem (Carolyn Kimball, Chemistry)

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