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CFRC Podcast Network
Rethinking Human-Animal Boundaries: Disappearing Boundaries/ Disappearing Animals

(Sponsored by Philosophy’s A.P.P.L.E) 

Our panel goes beyond boundaries not only in that we come from different disciplinary backgrounds but because we tackle the idea and concept of disappearance from vastly different lenses. Josh (philosophical lens) unpacks the discourses of disappearance and what the consequences are for ecology when a species vanishes due to extinction. Siobhan (conservation lens) delves into what human responses are to disappearance and extinction through ecological conservation efforts by looking at monkeys in Costa Rica. Claudia (urban lens) moves away from considering the absolute disappearance of animals and instead focuses on how animals can disappear from places in which they were once common – focusing on the relationship between cows and cities. Together we challenge the boundaries of disciplinary thought and the implications for relationships between animals and humans. 

Moderator: Will Kymlicka 

  1. Discourses of disappearance: Rethinking boundaries through ecology (Joshua Jones, Environmental Studies)
  2. Monkeys on the edge: the (un)bounding of neotropical primates in Costa Rica (Siobhan Speiran, Environmental Studies)
  3. Considering the disappearance of cows from cities (Claudia Hirtenfelder, Geography & Planning)

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