Matt and Marisa go on the hunt for the longest titles in music history, with regular suspects and new-to-WAFFLES! faves joining the fray. What’s the longest title in music history? Find out! It’s not the Rednex (which we wound up not playing; the song is super gross).

WAFFLES theme :: Teen Titans

Don’t Let the Teardrops Rust Your… :: Holly Cole Trio

Dance of the Inhabitants of the… :: John Fahey

Come Back to Us Barbara Lewis… :: John Prine

There Will Never Be Any Peace… :: The Chi-Lites

Ready Or Not (Love Is Gonna…) :: The Delfonics

Regretting What I Said to You… :: Christine Lavin

He Held Up His Hat (And…) :: Kristine Schmidt

The One That Got Away (Came…) :: Daniel Romano

Home As a Romanticized Concept Where… :: Woodpigeon

Take Me In Your Arms And.. :: Kim Weston

No Reason to Cry Out Your… :: Hawksley Workman

I Want You To Take Photos… :: John Southworth

I’ll Reprint Your Love Letter In… :: drama queen martyr

The Beat is Down (Four Wretched…) :: Frog Eyes

I’ve Been Asleep For A Long… :: Hey Rosetta!

In A World Possessed By the Human Mind :: The Tragically Hip

Hold When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It :: Stars

It’s Got a Good Dance And… :: Kitty & the Rooster

When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away :: Born Ruffians

To The Heart of the Sun… :: Destroyer

The Kids Came By And Burned Down the Scene :: Astral Swans

Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking On…) :: Jayda G

I Think I Might Be Indecisive… :: Jaymz Bee

My Brain is Hanging Upside Down :: Ramones

It’s a Long Way to the Top… :: Ac/DC