The Undrafted Podcast

Welcome to The Undrafted Podcast where we break down the biggest stories in sports around the world from basketball, football, soccer, tennis and much more. We give our hottest takes and coldest takes about our favorite teams and players. We may occasionally go on a tangent about movies and television as well. 

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Recent Episodes

Sam Kimball on the Euros

Sam and Jai make their Euro predictions and bounce around the rest of the sports world.

Sam and Nolan on the 2021 NBA Playoffs

Sam, Nolan, and Jai discuss the first play-in tournament in the NBA and then make their playoff picks for the...

Sam Kimball on the European Super League, NBA Play-In Tournament, NFL Draft, Formula One and 2021 Oscars.

Sam and Jai discuss the proposal and ramifications of the European Super League (1:00). Then they talk about the NBA...

One Year Anniversary of the Shutdown with Sam Kimball

Sam and Jai celebrate a one-year anniversary of COVID shutting down all sports. Starting with the NBA (4:20) and then...

Superbowl LV Preview

Ben, Sam, and Jai do a Superbowl preview.

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