Ep. 11 Seniors and Veganism

August 5 Switching Diets According to some experts, it’s never too late to change your eating habits.. The Time of Your Life examines the benefits for seniors of switching to a more plant-based diet. Host : Tara Morton Guest : Sharon Ash, Health Promotion specialists at CFB Kingston. Director – Kingston Vegetarian Network. Contact : https://www.kingstonveg.com

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Mothers: August 3, 2019

Matt and Marisa play host to Marisa’s mom, Mary, as they play music about mothers and Matt strives valiantly to get Mary to give up the dirt on Marisa’s mysterious past and childhood. Does he succeed? Does Mary throw Marisa under the bus? Find out — and listen to some awesome music besides! WAFFLES! :: Continue Reading

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Tarantino Talk

Mike and Andrew go into full spoilers for the new Tarantino film “Once Upon a Time In HollyWood” and talk about the 9 films he has directed so far! This is a spoiler warning for the film as well as his other 9 movies as Mike and Andrew rank their favourites from Tarantino.

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